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Pray Like Jesus - Teen Bible Study Leader Kit: Lessons from the Gospel of Luke

Pray Like Jesus - Teen Bible Study Leader Kit: Lessons from the Gospel of Luke

Lifeway Christian Resources 2019


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Product Description

Does prayer really change things? Why doesn't God always answer my prayers? What's the point of prayer anyway? Is there a certain way I'm supposed to pray? Do I have to be a Christian for God to hear my prayers?

When God communicates with His children, it isn't always obviouscertainly not as obvious as our conversations with friends. We won't receive a text or a phone call. We can't expect Him to comment on our most recent status update or post. Instead, we are called to meet with Him in prayer.

Over the course of eight sessions, students will discover the importance of communicating with God by taking a closer look at Jesus' prayers. Throughout the Gospel of Luke, Jesus teaches us how to depend on God through prayer, what it means to pray continually, as well as how prayer can help us gain wisdom, overcome temptation, and surrender our desires to His.

Too many of us have never experienced the power of prayer simply because we've never been taught the discipline of prayer and the necessity of making it a priority in our lives. How we pray is important, but THAT we pray is essential.

Interactive teaching videos, approximately 10-15 minutes each week
Leader guide in the back of the book to guide questions and discussion with small groups
Personal study segments in the Bible study book to complete between group sessions
Biblically rooted and gospel-centered
8 group sessions, 8 weeks of homework
Extra leader resources in this leader kit include a redemption code for a free Wordsearch Bible digital library valued at more than $200.
Kit includes redemption code for 3 free video bundle downloads

Provides an in-depth study of Jesus' prayers recorded in the Book of Luke that will challenge students in the discipline of daily Bible study and prayer.
Each day of homework will guide students as they learn to pray, culminating in 40 days of individual time spent in prayer.
Students will experience personal spiritual growth through individual time spent in Bible study with the content.
Emphasis on making prayer a priority in our lives and developing greater dependence on God for our daily needs.
Provides encouragement and answers to some of the tough questions students wrestle with regarding prayer.
Students will see the role Scripture plays in an effective prayer life and will discover the path to knowing God more intimately through prayer.
Video segments that help students connect to the theme for that session and allow leaders to hear from a veteran voice in student ministry.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Lifeway Christian Resources
  • ISBN: 1535935472
  • ISBN-13: 9781535935470
  • SKU: 9781535935470
  • Release Date: April 1, 2019
  • Language: English
  • Recommended Grade Range: 12 through 18
  • Series Name: Pray Like Jesus