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Parament - Standard 3 Piece Set in Viva

Parament - Standard 3 Piece Set in Viva

Murphy Cap & Gown Co.

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Retail: $279.90
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Product Description

Cross, Black/White. Bible marker, pulpit scarf and Std. communion table runner. Murphy's reversible parament sets are now available in two fabrics, with each set reversing to two colors for maximum value and versatility. Choose from traditional Pavillion corded faille, or lighter weight Viva. Both fabrics are colorfast and durable, featuring 4" chainette fringe, and are interlined for lasting shape retention. Viva sets available with crosses only. Pavillion sets and individual pieces are available with your choice of crosses or symbols. All available boxed for gift giving. Symbols available through Qwick-ship in Pavillion only.

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  • Publisher: Murphy Cap & Gown Co.
  • Producer: Murphy Robes
  • SKU: 1412_11715
  • Vendor Code: 11715