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Jacquard Reversible Stole Red / White - Fast-Ship

Jacquard Reversible Stole Red / White - Fast-Ship

Stratford Chapel

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Retail: $39.95
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Product Description

The Reversible Jacquard Red and White Stole features a gold embroidered dove and trefoil on the red side and a Chi Rho christogram/labarum embroidered on the white side. The fully lined stole is made from 100% smooth weave polyester with clean finish seams and reinforced embroidered stitching. A 3" fine polyester gold fringe adorns each end. The stole measures 90" long and matches other pieces in the jacquard red / white parament set.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Stratford Chapel
  • ISBN-13: 0780090872960
  • UPC: 780090872960
  • SKU: 0780090872960
  • Label: Christian Brands