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Featured New Releases 20% Off
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For anyone who is lonely or struggling with anxiety in times of uncertainty, find comfort in knowing that you are deeply loved by God. In God Has Not Forgotten You, New York Times bestselling author Dr. David Jeremiah will help you navigate the uncertainties of the present while embracing God's promises for the future.

This book invites you to experience the transforming power of God's Word that will help you:

Trust God in uncertain and challenging times
Know God is at work even when you can't see it
Deal with confusing or disappointing circumstances
The embellished cover design, presentation page, and a ribbon marker make this a thoughtful gift for:

Someone who is experiencing a challenging season
Anyone wanting to grow closer to God and trust in His greater plan
God Has Not Forgotten You is the perfect reminder that you are not alone and that God is working all things together for your good.

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Push past the loss of your "normal" with bestselling author Laura Story and embrace the soaring freedom found in living secure in God's love.

Bible teacher Laura Story gets what it's like to have plans altered and to surrender perceived security when faced with circumstances beyond our control. But she also understands the blessing of having a Father who loves you enough to take off the training wheels and place his beloved children in the best possible scenario for good and growth.

Building on Laura's previous two titles, When God Doesn't Fix It and I Give Up, So Long, Normal guides us to leave behind the idols of comfort, caution, and routine so we can live strong and well, even when life takes an unwelcome turn.

She says, "Jesus doesn't just save us from hell in the next life He saves us from our addiction to 'normal' lives this side of eternity. Our preference for cautious, ordinary lives is really rooted in a lack of faith and a failure to understand how much better His plan is than ours."

In her confessional, conversational style, Laura weaves her own personal stories with examples from Scripture of characters whose lives were upended by unexpected (and undesired) change. Leaving, loving, or losing our "normal" is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new adventure with God who will change us forever.

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Written for kids ages 8-12, this Bible-based book draws on content from Max Lucado's bestselling book Anxious for Nothing to help young people overcome the anxiety and pressures of today's world and come to a deeper understanding of God's constant, loving presence.

In this chaotic age of social media, packed schedules, and an increasing awareness of the world's problems, it's normal for young people to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But the good news of the gospel has not changed. This encouraging, let's-start-now book is the perfect tool to help tweens take control of their feelings and choose to focus on God's truth.

This much-needed book adapts content from You Are Not Alone as well as from Anxious for Nothing, which has sold over 900,000 copies. With the warmth and authenticity that has made him a beloved pastor and writer, Max Lucado offers young readers:

biblical hope and powerful strategies to help them flourish under the mounting struggles of the middle grade years
encouragement that God is near, He cares, and He listens
truths to claim for themselves in difficult moments
practical ways to work through their worries and rely on God's faithfulness
This special edition of Anxious for Nothing also includes:

a note to kids from the author
age-appropriate application questions, journal prompts, and activities that guide kids in Christ-focused mindfulness
callouts and infographics featuring key verses, facts, and takeaways
sidebars addressing technology-related stress
Practical, motivating, and biblically grounded, Anxious for Nothing (Young Readers Edition) is a timely book for any tween who sometimes feels overwhelmed, lonely, or anxious, or who simply wants to know more of God's abundant joy and peace.

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Walk through the gospel records of the confrontations of Jesus and discover how to use your newfound knowledge of the person of Jesus to defend the biblical truth of the Christian faith. Do you have any idea who Jesus really is? What you think of Jesus Christ will thoroughly color how you think about everything else, writes John MacArthur. This is a critical truth in the life of every believer. Your view of Jesus affects the way you view God, the world, and every one of your decisions. These days, Jesus is often portrayed as a pacifist, a philanthropist, or a docile teacher. He strikes a plastic and sometimes pathetic pose in the minds of many. Some prefer the meek and mild Jesus who heals the sick, calms fears, and speaks of peace and goodwill. These things do represent a portion of the Messiah. But tragically, too many have never been exposed to the rest of him. They have never seen a full 360-degree view of the Savior. His boldness in the face of confrontation and why that matters. Until now. Abridged from his classic bestseller, The Jesus You Can't Ignore, Jesus Unleashed takes a revealing walk through the gospel records. Like an investigative journalist on a mission, author and teacher John MacArthur shows you a remarkable and compelling picture of Jesus unleashed.

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Readers will come away with a newfound appreciation for what it means to pursue an intimate relationship with God and with a clearer understanding of how obedience in the context of such a relationship leads one to a lifestyle that mirrors the life and ministry of Jesus.
What does it mean to pursue an intimate relationship with God?

intimacy, obedience, and the miraculous as a blueprint for all believers. Combining sound biblical teaching with keen insight and compelling personal accounts from others, Dr. Clark invites us to go deeper by exploring the following questions:
How do we achieve true intimacy in our relationship with God?
What does it mean to express faith that results in the miraculous?
What does the Bible say about the balance between obedience and grace?
A clear understanding of the integral relationship between intimacy and obedience provides a framework in today's world for glorifying God, particularly through the miraculous, as Dr. Clark has so profoundly demonstrated during his many years of ministry. He longs for you to renew your knowledge of God's deep love for His children and how fervently God desires a life of intimate friendship with you.

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Release Now Scheduled For July 2022

For every woman who has ever felt like she might reach the life she's dreamt of if she could just break free of her chains, beloved author and speaker Chrystal Evans Hurst gives a heap of encouragement and the practical steps to getting free and stepping into the bright future she knows is possible.

So many women today don't live their lives to the fullest because they've been told--either by others, their situation, or themselves--that they can't. The chains are too tight, the pain too great, and the obstacles too big. But the good news is that the keys to the life of freedom are closer than we think.

Drawn from stories of her own sometimes rocky past and years of learning to trust God, Chrystal passes along the practical insights she's learned so that you can run at full speed--free at last from unnecessary numbness, pain, bitterness, and shame. The Gift of Letting Go is your plan to:

  • Find healing and restoration through self-grace
  • Discover how to rewrite mental scripts that imprison you
  • Rid yourself of the shame that keeps you in the dark
  • Learn how to forgive yourself and others
  • Practice life-giving rhythms that will set you free
With honesty and warmth, Chrystal shares keys to freedom--keys that will help you see your life differently and also transform the way you live so that you can bring the gift of your fully unique life to the surface.

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