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Itsy Bitsy Christmas: You're Never Too Little for His Love

Itsy Bitsy Christmas: You're Never Too Little for His Love

by Max Lucado

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Bitsy, watch out!" Itsy grabbed his little sister’‘s tail and pulled her back just in time. The big wagon rolled past and splashed them with mud. "Be careful, Bitsy. You don’‘t want to get run over."

Bitsy jumped back and gulped. Her big eyes grew even wider.

"I’‘ve never seen Bethlehem so busy!" she exclaimed. "People everywhere. Wagons rolling. Cows mooing. Donkeys pulling. And camels ... do you know that camels spit?" Bitsy stepped away from the camel nearest her. "What is going on, Itsy?"

"Follow me, and I’‘ll show you," the older mouse replied.

Itsy took his sister’‘s hand, and they scampered to the top of the city wall. "It is time to count all the people. Everyone has to go to their hometown and sign the big book."

Bitsy looked around. "This is a big day for Bethlehem."

"Big day, indeed," said a deep voice behind them. Itsy and Bitsy turned. A donkey was talking to them. The mice were on the wall, so they could see him face-to-face.

"Whoa, you’‘re big!" said Itsy. "I’‘ve never seen inside the nose of a donkey," he added, peering inside the nostril.

"Eeweey," Bitsy offered.

"Who are you?" she asked the donkey.

"I’‘m Daniel from a faraway town."

"Are you here to be counted?"

"No," he said very slowly. "I am here because of the King."


"Haven’‘t you heard? The King is coming to Bethlehem."

"But Bethlehem is an itsy bitsy town," Bitsy explained. "Why would a King come here?"

"This King is special. He comes for everyone, big and small."

"Like us?" Itsy asked.

"Like you."

Bitsy turned, her whiskers bouncing. "Itsy, we need to tell our friends!"

"Yes, yes!" Itsy agreed. "They will want to see the King too!"

The mice dashed between feet, hooves, and rolling wagon wheels and ran toward their stable.

They scurried under the gate, up the stable post, and onto their favorite rafter. From their spot high above the floor, they could see all their friends. Ruthie the mama horse was the biggest. Rowdy the rooster was perched on the rail. Six sheep were crowded in the corner. Charlie the cow grazed on some hay. Grumpy the goat sulked in another corner. He never smiled. He was always mad at someone.

Itsy cupped his hands over his mouth and squeaked, "Okay, everyone, gather in. We need to talk." No one moved.

Bitsy tried, "We have big news!"

No response.

Bitsy turned to Rowdy the rooster. "Can you help us?"

"Sure," replied Rowdy. "I love any excuse to make some noise." He leaned his head back—


The animals lifted their heads. "Hey," groaned Grumpy the goat. "Knock it off. I’‘m trying to nap."

"Itsy and I have big news!"

"You’‘re moving?" Grumpy muttered.

"Grumpy, be nice," said Ruthie the mama horse. "Itsy and Bitsy, tell us your big news."

"A King is coming to Bethlehem. To us!"

No one spoke for a long time. Then Rowdy crowed, "A King to Bethlehem? That will never happen."

The others snorted, baahed, neighed, and mooed in agreement.

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