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    1st Communion and Confirmation

    Gifts for First Communion, Confirmation, and Baptism

    There are many important milestones in your walk with Christ. A first communion, confirmation, or baptism is a public declaration of your commitment to God and His church. Commemorate this special event with gifts, photo frames, books. and bibles for the child or young person following in this historic church tradition.

    Confirmation Gifts

    Figurine - Confirmation AngelAdd to Cart
    Figurine - Confirmation Angel
    Precious Moments
    Only $40.99
    Confirmation Blessing Photo Frame withOut of Stock
    Confirmation Blessing Photo Frame with
    Only $21.12 Reg. $24.00
    Bronze Finish Reflections of LoveAdd to Cart
    Bronze Finish Reflections of Love
    Only $14.52 Reg. $16.50
    Confirmed In Love Keepsake BoxAdd to Cart
    Confirmed In Love Keepsake Box
    Only $14.95 Reg. $16.99
    Confirmation, May the Lord Bless You andAdd to Cart
    Confirmation, May the Lord Bless You and
    Only $17.59 Reg. $19.99
    Confirmed In Christ, Amazing Grace MusicAdd to Cart
    Confirmed In Christ, Amazing Grace Music
    Only $19.36 Reg. $22.00
    Confirmed In Love Photo FrameAdd to Cart
    Confirmed In Love Photo Frame
    Only $14.95 Reg. $16.99
    First Communion Gifts

    Boy's White & Gold Cross First CommunionAdd to Cart
    Boy's White & Gold Cross First Communion
    Only $12.32 Reg. $14.00
    Frame - First Communion - Quilted - 8Add to Cart
    Frame - First Communion - Quilted - 8"
    Only $22.00 Reg. $25.00
    First Communion CrossAdd to Cart
    First Communion Cross
    Only $16.71 Reg. $18.99
    Frame - First Communion - 9.25Add to Cart
    Frame - First Communion - 9.25"
    Only $15.84 Reg. $18.00
    Table Cross, First Communion, 6.75Add to Cart
    Table Cross, First Communion, 6.75"
    Only $8.80 Reg. $10.00
    First Communion Bedside Angel, Always ByAdd to Cart
    First Communion Bedside Angel, Always By
    Only $8.80 Reg. $10.00
    Communion Veil, Anna Headband, 26Add to Cart
    Communion Veil, Anna Headband, 26"
    Only $13.20 Reg. $15.00
    First Communion - Numbers 6:24 - CrossAdd to Cart
    First Communion - Numbers 6:24 - Cross
    Lighthouse Christ
    Only $19.35 Reg. $21.99
    Baptism Gifts

    Baptism Photo FrameAdd to Cart
    Baptism Photo Frame
    Only $17.60 Reg. $20.00
    Baptism Gown - Boy - 0-3 MonthsAdd to Cart
    Baptism Gown - Boy - 0-3 Months
    Stephan Baby
    Only $21.99 Reg. $24.99
    Baptism Gown - Girl - 0-3 MonthsAdd to Cart
    Baptism Gown - Girl - 0-3 Months
    Stephan Baby
    Only $24.63 Reg. $27.99
    I Am A Child Of God 4 x 6 Photo FrameAdd to Cart
    I Am A Child Of God 4 x 6 Photo Frame
    Precious Moments
    Only $22.87 Reg. $25.99
    Baptism Certificate Holder, SilverOut of Stock
    Baptism Certificate Holder, Silver
    Stephan Baby
    Only $21.99 Reg. $24.99
    Keepsake Box - Baptism - 2.5Add to Cart
    Keepsake Box - Baptism - 2.5" Dia
    Roman Inc
    Only $19.36 Reg. $22.00
    Baptism Shadow BoxAdd to Cart
    Baptism Shadow Box
    Only $12.32 Reg. $14.00
    Figurine - Baptism - Musical Angel -Out of Stock
    Figurine - Baptism - Musical Angel -
    Roman Inc
    Only $20.68 Reg. $23.50
    My Baptism Remembrance Book             Out of Stock
    My Baptism Remembrance Book
    Moss, Mary Martha
    Only $17.56 Reg. $19.95
    Jewelry Gift Ideas

    Crystal & Pearl with Cross CharmAdd to Cart
    Crystal & Pearl with Cross Charm
    Abbey Gift
    Only $11.44 Reg. $13.00
    First Communion Necklace, Gold, 15Out of Stock
    First Communion Necklace, Gold, 15"
    Only $10.56 Reg. $12.00
    Gold Confirmation Necklace - 15Add to Cart
    Gold Confirmation Necklace - 15"
    Only $10.56 Reg. $12.00
    First Communion Adjustable BraceletOut of Stock
    First Communion Adjustable Bracelet
    Only $10.56 Reg. $12.00
    Cross Bracelet and Pendant ConfirmationAdd to Cart
    Cross Bracelet and Pendant Confirmation
    Only $14.08 Reg. $16.00
    Confirmation Bracelet, Bangles, GoldAdd to Cart
    Confirmation Bracelet, Bangles, Gold
    Only $10.56 Reg. $12.00
    First Communion Necklace, Silver, 15Add to Cart
    First Communion Necklace, Silver, 15"
    Only $7.92 Reg. $9.00
    Stretch Confirmation BraceletAdd to Cart
    Stretch Confirmation Bracelet
    Only $8.80 Reg. $10.00
    First Communion Stretch Bracelet - GirlAdd to Cart
    First Communion Stretch Bracelet - Girl
    Only $7.04 Reg. $8.00

    NIV Baby Gift Bible, Holy Bible,Add to Cart
    NIV Baby Gift Bible, Holy Bible,
    Only $26.39 Reg. $29.99
    Baby's First Bible                      Add to Cart
    Baby's First Bible
    Carlson, Melody
    Only $7.91 Reg. $8.99
    NLT Teen Life Application Study Bible,Add to Cart
    NLT Teen Life Application Study Bible,
    Only $19.99 Reg. $22.99
    NIV Adventure Bible, HardcoverAdd to Cart
    NIV Adventure Bible, Hardcover
    Richards, Lawrence
    Only $29.03 Reg. $32.99
    The Message Ministry Edition            Add to Cart
    The Message Ministry Edition
    Peterson, Eugene H.
    Only $7.03 Reg. $7.99
    Daily Walk Bible-NLT                    Add to Cart
    Daily Walk Bible-NLT
    Tyndale House
    Only $17.59 Reg. $19.99
    NIV Baby Gift Bible, Holy Bible,Add to Cart
    NIV Baby Gift Bible, Holy Bible,
    Only $26.39 Reg. $29.99
    Gift Bags, Boxed Cards & Thank You Notes

    Cermony Supplies

    Confirmation - Ephesians 2:8, NIV - FoilAdd to Cart
    Confirmation - Ephesians 2:8, NIV - Foil
    Warner Press
    Only $12.09 Reg. $13.74
    Pastor Towel, Black with GoldAdd to Cart
    Pastor Towel, Black with Gold
    Only $7.91 Reg. $8.99
    Admission to Communion Certificates     Add to Cart
    Admission to Communion Certificates
    Church House
    Only $8.79 Reg. $9.99
    My Baptism Taper Candle - 7/8x10Add to Cart
    My Baptism Taper Candle - 7/8x10
    Christian Brands
    Only $1.72 Reg. $1.95
    Baptizing Them in the Name of the FatherAdd to Cart
    Baptizing Them in the Name of the Father
    Broadman & Holman
    Only $7.26 Reg. $8.25
    Certificate - Baby Dedication - Prov 22:Add to Cart
    Certificate - Baby Dedication - Prov 22:
    Siegel, Peter E.
    Only $12.09 Reg. $13.74
    Confirmation Stoles & Robes

    Baptismal Robe H-21 - BlackAdd to Cart
    Baptismal Robe H-21 - Black
    Only $115.41 Reg. $125.45
    White Confirmation RobeAdd to Cart
    White Confirmation Robe
    Only $18.35 Reg. $19.95
    Baptismal Robes - Culotte S-14 -Add to Cart
    Baptismal Robes - Culotte S-14 -
    Only $110.31 Reg. $119.90
    Baptismal Dove & Shell StoleAdd to Cart
    Baptismal Dove & Shell Stole
    Only $154.00 Reg. $175.00
    Baptismal Robe S13 JuniorAdd to Cart
    Baptismal Robe S13 Junior
    Only $113.65 Reg. $123.53